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30 - Day Beauty niche specific, training guide that helps with goal, vision setting that includes a Business Plan Training course E-Book with a Business Plan Template!!!!

Beauty Business Management Academy (18).png

A 30-day guide broken that helps you clarify your vision, define your goals and prioritizing your goals.

A clear blueprint to create an authentically aligned business plan.

Comprehensive e-book with a plan template with directions to guide you through the process.

Exercises to gain clarity on your beauty business visions and goals.

A Business plan template that has instructions built in to make the creation of your business plan easy to make.

Beauty Business Management Academy (19).png

You need to get your vision out of your head and onto paper.

You need to set goals.

You need a business plan.

You need help with your menu of services.

You need help pricing and payment processors.

You need booking & scheduling help.

Need a clear plan of action and a blueprint.

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